Hay River 23rd Annual Business, Home & Leisure Show

Posted 2014-09-12
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Category Community Visits

Two staff members from Arctic Energy Alliance’s Yellowknife office, Steve Outlet and Jennifer Wicks, went to Hay River and held an exhibitor’s booth at the 23rd Annual Business, Home & Leisure Show on September 5th and 6th. They enjoyed talking to many people about energy efficiency in their homes and businesses; with the raising costs of heating in the North their advice was appreciated. It was a great event – a time for both businesses and home owners to come together, mingle and share information in the beautiful town of Hay River.  The interests were varied – from solar power; to LED light bulbs; to helping homeowners learn about how they can help reduce their cost of high heating bills and to save energy. This gave Steve and Jennifer an opportunity to promote a few of GNWT’s programs which AEA administers for them such as the Alternative Energy Technologies Program (AETP) and the Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP).

Also, the buzzing news of our new office opening up in early October 2014 in Hay River has made people very happy – people are very excited to hear that there will finally be an office in Hay River Region.

There were 3 door prizes that AEA gave away at the tradeshow – here are the winners:
First Prize - 12 LED light bulbs - Max Rodway
Second Prize - Free Home Energy Evaluation - Mel Fabian
Third Prize - Solar flashlight, radio and phone charger - Tenielle Patterson (presented to Tenielle’ s Mother Orlanda Patterson- shown in picture to the left with Jennifer)

The picture above shows Steve at AEA’s booth.