Blue Line Energy Monitors

Posted 2014-11-28
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Category Taking Action

Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) is currently testing Blue Line Monitors that monitor the electrical use of a home or business. Since these monitor the electrical use for the whole home it is possible to determine the electrical use of individual appliances by turning them on and off, then observing the monitor. It is AEA’s hope that these will help home and business owners be more aware of their big energy users. Several test monitors are being distributed through each regional office so that they are tested throughout the NWT.

If you are interested in testing one of these monitors, please contact your regional office for availability. We are currently signing them out for up to one month at a time to a residence or a business. All our regional offices also have a smaller, one-outlet kiloWatt meter that can be borrowed to determine the power usage of a single item.

The photo above shows the monitor installed on the power meter, and the photo to the left shows Teresa Chilkowich, Dehcho Regional Energy Project Coordinator, holding the Blue Line Monitor display unit that communicates with the electricity meter sensor.