Energy Audits in Fort Simpson

Posted 2014-11-26
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Category Community Visits

Yichao Chen, Energy Management Specialist with Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA), and Dwayne Wohlgemuth, contractor for AEA were in Fort Simpson mid-November to undertake targeted energy audits of 3 buildings owned by the Village of Fort Simpson.   These on-site targeted energy audits enable them to gather more specific data on each building’s energy performance so that recommendations can be made on Energy Management Options (EMO’s) to help reduce the building’s energy use and therefore the Village’s energy costs for operating each building.

EMO’s of municipal buildings such as office buildings, public works garages, fire halls, or arenas often include:
• replacing zone valves in radiator heating systems
• installing boiler controllers with outdoor temperature sensors and reset buttons
• replacing T12 fluorescent light fixtures with T8s
• replacing High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps with LED exterior lighting
• follow-up inspection and maintenance by heating/lighting contractors to ensure efficient operation of these systems

The Village of Fort Simpson is very keen and motivated to move forward on the Energy Management Options that will be provided in the written Targeted Energy Audit reports and AEA is pleased to be providing the data and analysis to help important energy-saving capital projects to become a reality.

The photo above shows Yichao & Dwayne gathering data from the boilers at the newly retrofitted Sewage Treatment Plant as part of the work that the Village requested of AEA during this site visit.