Northern Property REIT achieves EnerGuide 82

Posted 2014-11-19
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The Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) was pleased to present  Northern Property REIT  with a New Homes Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP) rebate for scoring EnerGuide 82 on the newly constructed Aurora Heights 6-Plex.

The Northern Property REIT (NPREIT) has a large portfolio of residential rental properties in various cities in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and the Provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Here in Yellowknife, NPREIT has 32 properties (apartment buildings & townhomes) with more than 1,000 rental units available, including the 24 highly efficient new units constructed this year.

AEA welcomed NPREIT in the spring of 2013 to discuss their construction plans to build 4 x 6-Plex Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURB’s), referred to as Aurora Heights.  More specifically, they wanted AEA to review their building plans to ensure the new MURB’s would meet and hopefully exceed the EnerGuide 80 rating requirement of the City of Yellowknife Building Department.

NPREIT was already used to building Energy Efficient buildings in Canada’s north, were already a registered builder with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), and had previously worked with other NRCan licensed Service Organizations across Canada to evaluate and rate their building projects.

These 6-Plex MURB’s were constructed in a way to enhance insulation effectiveness, limit thermal bridging, provide heat recovery ventilation, minimize air leakage, and incorporate Energy Star appliances and lighting.  All 4 buildings leveraged the fuel cost savings of an existing wood pellet biomass boiler at their adjacent Shaganappi and Ptarmigan Apartments, via a district heating system expansion.  A backup district heating oil boiler is included in one of the 6-plex units.

The AEA was on site at various times throughout the construction project, including the provision of pre-drywall blower door tests for each building to help the NPREIT contractors air seal any excessive leakage.  With various tradespeople working on site, the effective coordination of construction activity to accommodate the energy assessments was very important, and was very well executed by NPREIT Construction Foreman, Zachary Lee.  Included in the picture above are Ken Baigent (AEA Energy Management Specialist), Zachary Lee, Matthew Taylor (AEA Summer Student), Donalda Rees (NPREIT Safety Supervisor), and Mike Stuhec (AEA Energy Management Specialist). 

The Aurora Heights development qualified for an EEIP New Homes incentive. AEA Executive Director, Louie Azzolini, is pictured to the left presenting the EEIP Rebate to Colleen Wellborn, Regional Manager, NPREIT Yellowknife.

Colleen and the NPREIT team have plans to upgrade the energy efficiency of some of their existing buildings in Yellowknife, with a key focus on enhancing the integration efficiency of their district biomass heating systems.  The AEA looks forward to working with the NPREIT on these projects, with support from the various programs we deliver for NWT Businesses.