NWT Biomass Energy Association Update

Posted 2014-11-18
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The rapid increase in the use of wood pellet heating systems in the NWT has resulted in numerous business opportunities related to wood pellet supply and distribution and the provision of technical services (pellet heating system design, procurement, installation and maintenance). The creation of the NWT Biomass Energy Association (NWTBEA) (which is Action 14 in the NWT Biomass Energy Strategy 2012-2015), recognizes the need for businesses to pool resources and knowledge to promote, support and develop biomass markets, products, and services.

The NWTBEA is a legally incorporated Society as of October 21, 2013. The society was created by private sector business and trades people with a pecuniary interest in the biomass energy sector. The objectives of the Society are:

• A strong and reliable biomass sector able to contribute significantly to the NWT’s sustainable energy system while preserving ecosystems equilibrium and ensuring economic development.
• To represent, protect, and promote the interests of the NWT biomass industry in general and of its members in particular.
• Work to grow the NWT biomass sector by identifying new opportunities and promoting job creation.

The NWTBEA has made significant progress in the last 18 months including the recently held NWT Biomass Energy Forum on November 12, 2014. The forum brought together NWTBEA members with AEA staff throughout the NWT and interested community participants from Yellowknife, and the Dehcho and the South Slave regions. NWTBEA members made a short presentation with a bulk of the time dedicated to questions and answers. It was a good get together and one worth repeating.

Other recent NWTBEA achievements include:
• NWTBEA Members selected to sit on 2 Canadian Standard Association (CSA) committees.
• Completed a discussion paper on the Barriers to Biomass Energy Installations in the NWT.
• Met twice with the Honourable Michael Miltenberger, once before and once after the submission of the discussion paper on the Barriers to Biomass Energy Installations in the NWT.
• Met with representatives of the City of Yellowknife to discuss the requirement for back up heating system when using biomass heating systems. 

The NWTBEA is recruiting members with a pecuniary interest in the biomass energy sector. If you are interested in joining please contact Louie Azzolini, Secretary Treasurer of the NWTBEA at louie.azzolini@aea.nt.ca

The picture above shows Jan Larsson, president of the NWTBEA.