Pellet Steam Plant

Posted 2014-11-28
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Category Community Visits

Yichao Chen, Energy Management Specialist with Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA), and Teresa Chilkowich, AEA’s Dehcho Regional Energy Project Coordinator, were able to do a site visit to see the Public Works & Services (PWS) pellet steam plant in Fort Simpson while Yichao was in town mid-November. They had the good fortune to meet up with Janel McKee and TJ Bradbury (GNWT PWS) when they were in the process of firing up the Pellet Steam Plant for the first time this winter.  The steam generated by the GNWT PWS pellet and oil-fired steam plant boilers provides heat to the Fort Simpson Recreation Centre, Bompas Elementary School, and Thomas Simpson High School.

The photo above show the burning chamber of the pellet steam plant approximately 30 minutes after the pellets were first lit and the photo to the left shows the PWS Steam Plant with the left hand chimney showing signs of the pellets burning strong in the Pellet Steam Boiler inside.