Visiting the South Slave

Posted 2014-11-28
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Category Community Visits

Steve Outlet, Arctic Energy Alliance’s Program Coordinator based in the Yellowknife office recently visited the South Slave Region and worked with our new Regional Energy Project Coordinator, Tom Gross. They traveled together to Fort Smith where they spent time with several apprenticeship classes attending the Thebacha Campus of Aurora College. They discussed various aspects of energy efficiency in each trade and emphasized new technologies and techniques that students may encounter in the near future while working in their chosen trade.

Tom and Steve also enjoyed a tour of the solar PV recently installed at Aurora College. For experimental purposes, there are three different scenarios:
(1) A tracking system that moves in two directions. It follows the path of the sun and tries to optimize production by maintaining the most effective orientations as it turns and also tilts up and down to maintain the most effective angle.
(2) A stationary system that was installed at the angle that should maximize solar collection.
(3) A stationary system that is installed at a 90°

All three systems are monitored year round to compare the effectiveness of each in terms of electricity production and cost effectiveness.

Steve also dropped into Fort Providence on his way back to Yellowknife and spent the afternoon with a lively class at Deh Gah School. He discussed sustainability options with them as they designed their ultimate community.

The picture above shows Steve talking to the second year carpentry class at Aurora College.