Fort Simpson Christmas Parade

Posted 2014-12-18
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Residents of Fort Simpson were able to see our Dehcho office's Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Demonstration Trailer lit up with Christmas lights during the annual Christmas parade this past Sunday, December 14th. While the majority of the entries in the parade were brightly decked out with colourful lights and inflatable holiday displays powered by small gas generators, ALL the power required to light up the Solar PV trailer light display was provided through the energy captured by the two, 250 Watt Solar panels on the trailer.

Each 4.8 Watt string of LED lights on the trailer uses very little electricity compared with the old, incandescent type of Christmas lights. For more information on the electricity savings associated with switching to LED Christmas lights, see NTPC's website.

In the photo, Teresa Chilkowich, Arctic Energy Alliance's Dehcho Regional Energy Project Coordinator, riding on the Solar PV Demonstration Trailer during the Christmas parade.