Homes North New Housing Development

Posted 2015-01-29
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Homes North has a focus on providing quality, affordable, and energy efficient homes for Yellowknifers, and the Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) is pleased to work with Homes North and their manufactured housing providers to evaluate the energy efficiency performance. There are not many areas you can drive around the City without finding a housing development that Homes North has been a part of. Most recently, their focus has been on the Block 501 Housing Development out Kam Lake Road by Coronation Drive.

The AEA has completed the EnerGuide for New Homes rating process on the first 28 new homes (Phase 1 is almost complete & Phase 2 is now in progress), and all of them have achieved or exceeded EnerGuide 80. Congratulations to the Homes North team, with special recognition of Les, Sandra, Allan & Jacqueline.

Our Energy Management Specialists (Mike Stuhec and Ken Baigent) appreciate the many opportunities provided to meet with the housing manufacturers in Alberta and Saskatchewan and with your construction crews here in Yellowknife to provide feedback and input into the construction process that enhances the energy efficiency and performance of your homes.

Moving forward, we are working together on the energy efficiency for the houses in Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the development as the 2015 houses are already arriving. It will be another exciting year!

The top picture is in front of some Homes North homes along Hall Crescent, and includes:

  • Ken Baigent, Energy Management Specialist, AEA
  • Allan Hjelmeland, Construction Site Coordinator, Homes North
  • Kate Thomson, EEIP Program Lead, AEA
  • Les Rocher, President, Homes North
  • Mike Stuhec, Energy Management Specialist, AEA

Note: Les is still on his cell conducting business during the photo

The second picture is in the kitchen of one of the recent homes to arrive, and depicts Kate presenting an EEIP New Homes rebate cheque to a very eager Les. No matter how busy we get, there’s always time for fun!