Technical Information about our Electric Vehicle

Posted 2015-01-22
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The Arctic Energy Alliance is currently testing a Volt Electric vehicle (EV). The battery pack is lithium ion with a capacity of 17.1 kWh. The electric motor is 111kW (149 horsepower). The gas generator is a 4 cylinder engine and has a displacement of 1.4L and produces 83 horsepower.

The vehicle is rated to get 20.5 kWh/100km for city driving and 22.4 kWh/100km for highway driving in all electric mode, and 6.7L/100km for city driving and 5.9L/100km for highway driving in gas only mode. Considering a kWh of electricity costs about $0.30 in Yellowknife, the cost of driving will be about $0.06 per km in electric mode. Gasoline costs about $1.35 per litre in Yellowknife, so the cost of driving will be about $0.09 in gas-only mode. When using clean, renewable hydro electricity to charge the vehicle, the greenhouse gas emissions are basically zero. Even if charging using diesel generated electricity, the Jackfish diesel plant produces 3.5 kWh for each litre of fuel used, so the car is responsible for 0.158 kg of CO2 per km. While driving on gas, the car produces 0.165 kg of CO2 per km. An added benefit is the lack of tailpipe emissions, even when using electricity generated from diesel, so the air that people breathe on the streets of Yellowknife is a little cleaner.

This compares to a similar car of the 2014 Chevy Cruze, with 1.8L engine and automatic transmission, which is rated at 9.2 L/100km in city driving, for a cost of driving of $0.12 per km and greenhouse gas emissions of 0.226 kg of CO2 per km. A 2014 Ford F150 4x4 pickup with a 5L V8 engine is rated at 15.1 L/100km in the city, for a cost of driving of $0.20 per km and greenhouse gas emissions of 0.371 kg of CO2 per km.

The Volt also has a ‘remote start’ feature that will warm up the vehicle while still plugged in, so the car is comfortable and the batteries are full when you want to drive it.

The batteries are used only to a depth of discharge of 70% to maximize the life of the battery pack.

The Volt is a four door sedan with hatchback and has a base cost under $39,000.