Ongoing Energy Courses

Posted 2015-02-24
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The Arctic Energy Alliance has been doing courses through the City of Yellowknife this month on Tuesday evenings and will continue with the final 2 courses. The turnout for the first four was great and good discussions all around. Thanks to those that attended and we hope that you’ll put the information into practice and start saving money and energy in your homes.

We look forward to having folk join us for the remaining 2sessions.

Heating with Biomass

Description: Learn about the benefits and incentives of using wood or pellets to heat your home, including choosing a system, installation and maintenance.
Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 7 - 9 PM



Learn about District Heating

Description: Learn about district heating basics and see if this option might be right for your situation, including information on incentives and technical support.
Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 7 - 9 PM

More information on these courses is available in the City of Yellowknife Winter Recreation Guide and registration can be done through the City Website or at City Hall, Fieldhouse, or Pool (669-3457).