Temperature Setback at the Dehcho First Nations Building

Posted 2015-02-05
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Category Taking Action

The Dehcho First Nations (DFN) office has been gathering data for a couple of months using two small motor-loggers that were attached to the two oil-fired boilers. These loggers were installed by Arctic Energy Alliance’s (AEA’s) Energy Management Specialist, Yichao Chen, during her community visit to Fort Simpson in November 2014. This data will help AEA to estimate the benefits of setting back the thermostats in the DFN building during unoccupied periods, such as in the evening when people have left work for the day and on weekends and holidays.



Early analysis has indicated that during the Christmas holidays when the indoor temperature was setback from 20 o down to 15o Celsius, the boilers were firing 12% less often than during days that the building is occupied. Further analysis will provide an estimate of the amount of diesel saved as well as the cost and greenhouse gas savings due to the temperature setback.

The top picture shows one of the building thermostats set to a lower temperature and the lower picture shows Yichao checking the boilers at the DFN Building.