Walk to Tuk Team

Posted 2015-02-12
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Category Taking Action

Arctic Energy Alliance is pleased to have a 10 member team for the NWT Recreation and Parks Association’s “Walk to Tuk” event. Our team is called “Our Energy is Renewable” and has members from Inuvik, Hay River and Yellowknife.  Since many employees already walk or bike to work this contest does not make much of a difference on our already active lifestyle.

As of February 2nd we are at 1159.75 km and hope to complete it by February 17th. Our activities for accumulating our distances include: walking, running, skiing, skating, rock climbing, yoga and dance.

The picture shows our team captain, Sheena Adams, taking a break in the town of Inuvik’s Igloo on Boot Lake Walk, which is 3.3 km start to finish, and it was a sunny day and only -30.