Water Heating in the Dehcho

Posted 2015-02-05
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Category Taking Action

In the Dehcho territory, the communities of Fort Providence and Fort Simpson participated in a pilot project taking place in several NWT communities that involved the replacement of electric water heaters with fuel-fired water heaters. In January of 2014, there were 6 oil-fired units installed in Fort Providence and 4 propane-fired units installed in Fort Simpson. After a few unexpected delays, the second batch of installations were completed in December 2014, with an additional 3 propane and 8 oil-fired units installed for participating homeowners in Fort Simpson. For the Fort Simpson installations, a student helper (Lance Hardisty) accompanied Taylor & Company for the opportunity to learn about this type of work and increase his knowledge and skills required for doing such a replacement project.

We hope these homeowners are now enjoying their lower electricity bills and thank them for taking action to reduce their energy use.   AEA Energy Management Specialists will be analyzing electricity billing information for the participating homes, to compare the difference in electricity usage from the year prior to and the year following the hot water heater replacements.  This data will help the AEA assess the impact of switching from electric to fuel-fired water heaters for approximately 45 homes involved with this pilot project from 6 different communities in the NWT.

The picture to the leftshows Lance Hardisty, a student from Aurora College, working on the venting for a new fuel-fired water heater.