AEA staff visit Iqaluit

Posted 2015-03-11
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Category Community Visits

Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) staff were invited by the Nunavut Energy Secretariat to visit Iqaluit to provide home energy evaluations to 10 lucky winners of a draw, conduct an energy workshop, and meet with energy stakeholders. The home energy evaluations went smoothly. All the homeowners were very happy that their homes had been selected out of the 100-or-so homes that had applied - and AEA learned that the contractors in Nunavut are doing an excellent job of constructing and maintaining air tight homes. The evening energy workshop organized by the Energy Secretariat was well attended and showed that there’s a strong interest in the community for practical information relating to energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, PV in particular. It was fantastic to visit the store where we did an energy audit last year and see that they were starting to implement some of the measures recommended in the audit report and were incorporating energy efficiency into their decision-making process. Thanks to Arif and Andrew for coordinating a well-organized visit!

The picture shows Ken Baigent, AEA’s Energy Management Specialist, conducting an energy workshop.