Inuvik Energy Fair

Posted 2015-03-30
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On March 12th, Inuvik’s Regional Energy Coordinator, Sheena Adams, hosted the Inuvik Energy Fair at the ARI building. The event included snacks, a draw, information on Arctic Energy Alliance’s rebate programs, and the screening of 2 films – “Chasing Ice” and “Water on the Table.”

Also present was the composting bucket from the ARI staff room. Composting started in December of 2014 and Sheena estimates that they have composted 120 pounds of waste. Every week, 7 – 10 pounds of coffee and lunch waste is redirected from the landfill to the compost bin. The staff takes turns looking after the disposal and cleaning of the area. The response has been great and with summer around the corner they look forward to using the compost in the Inuvik Community Greenhouse.