Visiting Hay River and Fort Smith

Posted 2015-03-11
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Category Community Visits

Two Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) staff members, Tom Gross from the Hay River Office and Steve Outlet from the Yellowknife office, teamed up for a visit to The Thebacha campus of Aurora College in Fort Smith. AEA and the Apprenticeship Department have partnered over the past few years, to allow AEA staff to discuss new and innovative energy related changes that are or will be introduced to their trades. The hope is to introduce new entrants into the various trades to new innovations so they will not be afraid to supply or service them when they are in their work place. The “energy revolution” has to be introduced by those who install and maintain the systems, our trade’s people.  We appreciate the buy-in from the instructors who generously set aside valuable class room time for these discussions.

We spent quite a bit of time in the plumbing and heating area, one of Tom’s passions, and he was very impressed by the wide assortment of heating appliances and controls the oil burner mechanics class was exposed to. He is definitely looking forward to working with the school in the future.

In Hay River, we visited a very impressive renovation of an old landmark restaurant into a mini mall, the Caribou Centre. This building had been unused for a few years and was enroute to demolition if local entrepreneur, Kelly Schofield, hadn’t come up with the idea and invested in it. It was great that someone saw enough value in the building to transform it from an eye sore to a fully updated code compliant addition to the community. This building is shown in the picture.

It was also great for Steve to chat with maintenance staff at the local Housing Authority and get a better understanding of the challenges they face.