Creative Communication Session

Posted 2015-04-10
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In February, regional office staff from the Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) met with Ecology North’s Regional Office Manager, Kim Rapati, for a hands-on workshop sharing creative communication techniques for energy conservation and renewable energy education. Louise Schumann and Tom Gross from the AEA’s new Hay River office, Teresa Chilkowich from the Dehcho office, and Sheena Adams from the Inuvik office had a great time exploring a variety of innovative ways to plan and deliver engaging, hands-on, information sessions for students & community members.



Some of the energy conservation and renewable energy educational materials discussed over this two-day session include:  

Energy Pyramid: to illustrate the importance of focusing attention on energy conservation as the base of the pyramid, then energy efficiency, and finally renewable energy.
Common Air Leaks: where the most energy is being lost in homes and other buildings.

During this session, we also explored a few innovations in renewable energy that Arctic Energy Alliance will have on-hand to demonstrate.

Watch for AEA activities going on later this year to see what the Regional Staff have created from the ideas, resources, and inspiration they gathered during this engaging 2 day workshop session with Kim.

The picture above shows Tom, Kim, and Louise at work in our Hay River Office.