The Volt has arrived in the South Slave

Posted 2015-04-24
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Category Electric Vehicle

Ken Baigent, one of Arctic Energy Alliance’s (AEA) Energy Management Specialists, arrived in Hay River this past Friday. He got there driving the AEA’s Volt, our all electric vehicle. The all electric drive car works great in our Northern Climate! Perhaps something others should consider? It gets about 35 km of “all-electric” range in the cold winter months and about 50 – 60 km of “all electric” range in the spring/summer/fall. With the on board gas generator (not an engine) to charge the battery, the range can be extended by about 400 – 450 km. Some pictures of the Volt in action.

The picture above shows the Volt arriving in Hay River, the other picture shows it parked in front of the 60 kW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system recently installed on the roof of the Whispering Willows.

For more information about the Volt, please see our website.