Beavertail Jamboree 2015

Posted 2015-05-11
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Teresa Chilkowich, Arctic Energy Alliance’s (AEA) Dehcho Regional Energy Project Coordinator, took the AEA Solar Demonstration Trailer to the Beavertail Jamboree in Fort Simpson. Teresa also had the opportunity to demonstrate the Dehcho office’s new BioLite Basecamp, a portable wood-fired grill that generates electricity and stores it in a battery so that small devices such as cameras, mobile phones, and GPS units can be charged through a USB port integrated into this very efficient “rocket stove” technology. The BioLite stove lit up quite easily and attracted the attention of Beavertail participants as they waited for the adult traditional games to get started on that very windy and cold March Saturday.

The top photo shows sisters Rosie & Albertine Betsedea checking out the BioLite Basecamp stove as it charges up a small electronic gadget and the lower photo shows Teresa with the Solar Demonstartion Trailer.