Fort Smith Trade Show 2015

Posted 2015-05-20
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Category Community Visits

Arctic Energy Alliance’s (AEA’s) Energy Management Specialist, Ken Baigent, and Regional Project Coordinator for the South Slave, Tom Gross, attended the 10th Annual Thebacha Trade Show held on May 2nd at the Fort Smith Recreational Center. The one day event kept Ken and Tom busy with a steady stream of people interested in the services AEA provides, and the cool draw prizes which included a Free EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation, a BioLite Campstove complete with accessories, and for Children, a D.Y.I. Eco-House kit that demonstrates solar power. It was a great opportunity to engage the people of Fort Smith in conversations about energy use and conservation, as well as alternate forms of energy. Tom and Ken were also able to promote the new South Slave Regional office that opened in Hay River in October 2014, and encourage folks to visit the AEA website for details on what AEA has to offer. In all, there were 58 entries for the EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation, with Mary Pat Short of Fort Smith as the winner,  Mary Pat is shown in the picture on the right with AEA’s Ken Baigent.

The most popular draw item was the BioLite Stove with its accessories where a total of 158 people entered the draw with the lucky winner being Maxine Gladney of Fort Smith, shown on the left.

The draw for the Eco-House was very popular for the children attending the show and out of the 68 entries the winner was Solenn Kikoak of Fort Smith. The picture below shows Tom Gross presenting Solenn Kikoak with her Eco- House prize.


Ken and Tom also traveled into Fort Smith with AEA’s electric vehicle, the Chevy Volt, which received a great deal of interest from the public at the trade show and turned a few heads while driving around town, including a herd of Buffalo on the drive in. The vehicle is being tested by AEA and now with the warmer weather the battery life is improving to its maximum.