Inuvik’s Science Rendezvous

Posted 2015-05-26
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This spring, the Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) participated in Inuvik’s Science Rendezvous, which was coordinated by The Aurora Research Institute. The Science Rendezvous is an event that takes science out of the lab and onto the street. AEA’s Inuvik Regional Energy Project Coordinator, Sheena Adams, used a Lego model to demonstrate solar power and wind power. The solar panel fed by a lamp taught visitors how light energy (solar) can be converted then stored in a battery. The wind turbine was powered by a fan and the kinetic energy collected in the same battery. Participant’s both young and old were impressed with what can be done with Lego and the power of light and wind. The event was well attended and ended with rockets being launched and hamburgers being served.

The picture shows Sheena at AEA’s table.