Fort Liard Community Visit

Posted 2015-06-11
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In mid-March, the Arctic Energy Alliance’s Dehcho Energy Project Coordinator, Teresa Chilkowich, travelled to Fort Liard. Echo Dene students in Ms. Sarah’s gr. 9-10 class and Ms. Amy’s gr. 11-12 class were able to explore a variety of topics in the two sessions each class had with Teresa, covering the following questions …

• What kind of energy did we use to get to school today?
• What is energy and how is it measured?
• How much of our energy use relies on the production of electricity?
• How can I understand my family’s power bill?

In addition, Teresa also connected with students at Aurora College where they discussed the impacts of our Energy Choices and the importance of using the knowledge we have of current challenges in order to create opportunities to make our communities more healthy places to live.  The Aurora College students were very keen and actively engaged in the topics we discussed, and interested in the video clip from The Story of Stuff Project titled The Story of Solutions. During the sessions Teresa offered with all three of these classes, students had the opportunity to see and hold a variety of gadgets as they learned about devices that help us:

• reduce how much energy we use,
• use energy more efficiently,
• measure the energy we use and lose, and
• ways to generate energy with renewable technologies such as solar or wood (biomass)



The Aurora College and Echo Dene students also had the opportunity to see a demonstration of the BioLite Basecamp, to see how this very efficient wood stove can generate electricity that it stores in a battery so that small devices such as cameras, mobile phones, GPS units, can be charged through a USB port integrated into this very efficient “rocket stove” technology.






The photos shown are from top to bottom:

Photo #1 Echo Dene grade 11-12 class, Teresa explains some of the energy-efficient devices people can use around their homes and schools to reduce their energy use and costs, L to R: Alinda Edda, Ethan McLeod, Julianne Norn, Vaughn Weiniger, Terrence Kotchea, James Duntra, Johneil Bertrand, Dan Bertrand, Ross Duntra, Stan Bertrand.

Photo #2 Echo Dene grade 9-10 class calculating energy costs for using different appliances around their homes,L-R:  Ian Berrault, Jeremy Punch, Jeremy Sassie, Tyrone Berrault, Tyrus Bertrand, William Sassie (front), Derrick Kotchea, Dylan Steeves, Teacher, Sarah Hammond.

Photo #3 Echo Dene grade 9-10 class – charging up an electronic gadget using the BioLite stove while the fire from the fire is cooking a tasty treat for the students to enjoy
L-R: Jeremy Punch; Ian Berreault; William Sassie; Michael Sassie; Amy Gagnon (teacher) ; Robin Westlake (teacher); Teresa ; Vaughan Weinger.

Photo #4– Teresa discussing Energy Conservation with Aurora College students, clockwise around the table starting from Teresa, Tiffany Berreault, Michael Needlay, Garrett Sassie, Stacey Buckley, Carla Payou.

Photo #5 – Aurora College students checking out BioLite Basecamp, L-R: BioLite with AC students: Black hood is Garrett Sassie, yellow hoodie is Janetha Berreault, standing by the jeep is Michael Needlay, black jacket is Stacey Buckley, grey jacket is Christine Abela, Aurora College Adult Educator.

Photo #6- Echo Dene elementary school students with the BioLite stove, L-R:  first two students not identified, Kei McLeod, Syles Timbre, Naaka Duntra, Nathan Lomen, Kayne McLeod, William Gowans (Principal, Echo Dene School), Elizabeth Nelson, Kara Bertrand, Lorrissa Berrault.