Inuvik Gardening

Posted 2015-06-11
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Category Community Visits

Steve Outlet, an Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) Project Coordinator from Yellowknife, took a few moments on his regional travel to visit the AEA community garden plot at the Inuvik Greenhouse.  Steve delivered the weekly compost from the AEA Inuvik office and watered the seed potatoes, radishes, and parsley seedlings. Sheena Adams, the Inuvik Regional Energy Project Coordinator, planted Yukon Gold Potatoes which she hopes yields 50 pounds of harvest which she will donate to the local soup kitchen. The plot is designed to educate visitors about energy conservation, alternative energy, and AEA. Summer displays will include a clothes line and solar phone charger.  

Drop by and see our displays at the Inuvik garden throughout the summer!