Inuvik Solar Information Session

Posted 2015-06-16
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A dozen Inuvik residents joined Steve Outlet, Arctic Energy Alliance’s (AEA’s) Program Coordinator from Yellowknife, at the Inuvik Centennial Library to learn about solar installation in the Northwest Territories. Topics covered included solar panels, types of installation, inverters, battery storage, net-metering, cost, and system design. The group also learned about the Alternative Energy Technologies Program that AEA delivers and the rebates available to businesses and homeowners. Sheena (Inuvik’s Regional Energy Project Coordinator) had a Solar Pathfinder on display and gave a short video of how this unique tool is used to calculate the solar available in a selected location, allowing installers to maximize their position and be aware of objects (such as fencing, trees, or wires) that may shade the panels. Sheena is available to use the Solar Pathfinder to calculate solar energy potential in Inuvik locations.

Steve Outlet is pictured here checking the solar power and solar hot water at the Northern Sustainable House – Inuvik, NT.