Lighting Retrofit

Posted 2015-06-24
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True Value Hardware’s owner Klaus Schoenne recently received his rebate cheque from the Commercial Energy Conservation and Efficiency Program (CECEP) for installing LED lights throughout his store. These new bulbs give great quality light, are cheaper to run, last longer, and are energy efficient.

Klaus replaced 4’ fluorescent bulbs with Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs in 167 light fixtures, and he is most certainly reaping the rewards. The total annual energy saving by switching to the LED bulbs is approximately 17,000 kWh and over $3,000.  The majority of the new 4’ LED bulbs operate at approximately 1/3 of the wattage required for the old 4’ 1 tube T8 florescent bulbs. However, the few double bulb fixtures utilized the fluorescent bulbs better therefore the new LED bulbs were about half the wattage.

These new LED bulbs can be installed in the existing fixtures saving on installation costs allowing for an easy transition for money in your pocket. The staff in his store have reaffirmed Klaus that the light quality from the LED bulbs is great, having fixed problems from first generation LED bulbs. Klaus has been thoroughly impressed by the bulbs on all fronts and now offers the product for sale at his store.

Klaus is moving towards energy efficiency, are you? If so, we can help. Check out our different programs encouraging energy efficiency or renewable energy, book an appointment to get some professional advice, or book an energy audit, to help you move towards more energy efficiency.

The picture shows Louie Azzolini, Executive Director of Arctic Energy Alliance, presenting Klaus Schoenne with his rebate cheque.