Behchoko Community Visit

Posted 2017-08-28
Written by Reception
Category Community Visits

From August 21-23, Sonny Zoe, our Tlicho Regional Project Coordinator, visited Behchoko along with Alexandra Giroux and Kevin Cull, both from our Yellowknife office. While in the community, we visited more than 20 people in their homes, answering plenty of questions on topics such as how to lower power bills. A few of the residents we visited were cabin owners who wanted to discuss options for installing solar panels—a great way to power an off-grid building.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip was hearing a first-hand success story, as one community member told us about how a wood stove we helped install as part of our community wood stove project is saving him thousands of dollars a year on his heating bill and encouraging him to get out of the land more often to collect firewood.

If more people in Behchoko—or anywhere in the NWT—would like to talk to us about lowering their energy bills or their carbon footprint, we’d be glad to help. Give us a call, email us or send us a message through Facebook.