Jean Marie River Home Energy Efficiency Project Update

Posted 2017-08-17
Written by Reception
Category Taking Action

The Tthets'éhk'é Déli (Jean Marie River) First Nation and the Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) are collaborating with participating homeowners in the community to improve their homes’ energy efficiency.

From July 11-12, 2017, the AEA’s home energy efficiency crew (Tom Gross, Linda Todd, Michael Goodwin and Teresa Chilkowich) returned to Jean Marie River for follow-up consultations with homeowners participating in the Home Energy Efficiency Project.

During these consultations, homeowners and AEA staff discussed:

  • feedback and recommendations from the AEA home energy audits and home maintenance checklists completed by AEA staff in May and June
  • heating, cooling, lighting and other challenges that homeowners experience and how these relate to the results noted in the energy audits and maintenance checklists

Next steps: the AEA will finalize a list of energy efficiency improvements that can be made under this project, as well as improvements homeowners may want to make on their own or through other organizations.

The Home Energy Efficiency Project is made possible through the financial contribution of Natural Resources Canada and the Government of the Northwest Territories Department of Infrastructure.