AEA Gets High Marks on Home Energy Evaluation Procedure

Posted 2017-10-20
Written by Reception
Category Household

We got some fantastic news from Natural Resources Canada recently: our home energy evaluations are among the best in the country.

When evaluating a home’s energy efficiency, we use a system under licence from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) called the EnerGuide Rating System.

As part of our licence with NRCan, we take part in a quality assurance process to make sure we do good work. These quality assurance audits are stringent, and there are several audit levels ranging from a client satisfaction questionnaire to an on-site re-evaluation of a home by a quality assurance specialist. If an organization or individual energy advisor fails to meet NRCan’s standards, they could be suspended or have their licence revoked.

The AEA recently underwent a higher-level audit of our new home evaluations, performed by an NRCan quality assurance specialist. It tested the integrity of our data gathering and accuracy of our modelling.

There is only one higher audit level: when a quality assurance specialist flies to the NWT to personally re-evaluate a home without the AEA present.

We’re happy to report that we passed with flying colours—not a single error! This means NWT and Nunavut homeowners can rest assured that their home energy evaluation scores are accurate.

We always aim to provide top-quality work, and it’s great to hear that we’re succeeding.