Energy Workshops through the City of Yellowknife

Posted 2018-03-06
Written by Reception

At the end of February, the AEA wrapped up a series of evening energy workshops offered through the City of Yellowknife’s recreation programs. We offered five workshops on the following topics:

  • Monitoring Your Heating and Electricity Bills
  • Getting to Know Your House as a System
  • Solar Basics
  • Heating with Biomass
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) Basics

Considering space was limited, we had a great turnout: 34 people registered in total. The participants were well engaged and asked some excellent questions.

We had a fairly small turnout for the Monitoring Your Bills session, but we discovered that interest in the topic was high. Several people contacted us to ask if we could offer the workshop again. So we did! We held the second session over a lunch break later in February.

If you missed these workshops or want to take another one, keep your eyes open. We’re expecting to offer more sessions during Earth Week, April 16-22, in conjunction with Ecology North.