Earth Week Renewable Energy Scavenger Hunt 2019

Posted 2019-04-11
Written by Reception

Earth Week is here. The AEA is teaming up with Ecology North to hold a renewable energy scavenger hunt. Teams can compete to find as many renewable energy systems as possible in the Yellowknife area, such as solar electric systems, pellet furnaces and boilers, pellet stoves and wood stoves, and other systems.

Of course, there will be prizes.


When: Wednesday, April 24 (at noon) to Sunday, April 28 (at 5:00 p.m.)
How to enter: Make a team, fill out your entry form and send it to us.
Teams: Teams of up to eight people can compete. There is also a special category for school classes. (If you’re competing as a class, contact us for more info.)

To learn more, download the rules and information package below.

The prizes

The scavenger hunt is really about having fun while learning about renewable energy. But we also want to reward your hard work. Each team that finds the minimum number of systems as defined in the scavenger hunt rules will be entered into a draw. The team that finds the most systems will win a bonus prize.

Prize draw: One City of Yellowknife gift card per team member, up to a maximum of eight cards.
Bonus prize: One energy efficiency kit per household, up to a maximum of eight kits.

For classes, the winning team will receive a free pizza party, courtesy of the AEA.

Have fun!


Scavenger Hunt Rules and Entry Form

Scavenger Hunt Info Package