Training Workshop: Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs) for Circulator Pumps

Posted 2020-01-15
Written by Reception

The AEA is offering a two-day product and technology training session on electronically commutated motors (ECMs) for circulator pumps. Come and learn about the technical aspects of these energy-efficient pumps.

Training facilitated by the Grundfos Training Institute of Canada and the Arctic Energy Alliance.

Feb. 19–20, 2020
Stanton Suites, Yellowknife

(Day 1 – residential; Day 2 – commercial/industrial)

Who should attend?

Mechanical/electrical contractors, suppliers and service providers, educators.


  • Hot water recirculation
  • Pump sizing: residential & commercial
  • BTU/h calculations and sizing
  • Maximizing pump efficiency
  • Variable speed basics
  • Project retrofit options
  • Incentives and rebates for energy-efficient products and projects

Registration info

Register online or fill out the registration form and send it to the AEA.

Fee: $150 (reimbursable after completion of the workshop)

Financial travel assistance may be available. Apply through the online registration form, or the separate application form.

Registration deadline: Jan. 31, 2020

For more information, contact Tom Gross, AEA Project Coordinator.


Lunches and health breaks will be provided and catered by the Arctic Energy Alliance.