Home Maintenance & Winterization Workshop in Norman Wells

Posted 2012-04-13

Arctic Energy Alliance is offering a Home Maintenance & Winterization Workshop in Norman Wells of special interest to women that look after their homes.

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Arctic Energy Alliance Appreciated

Posted 2012-04-05
Category Household

A Yellowknife residence shows appreciation for advice from an Energy Management Specialist.

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New LED Light Bulbs

Posted 2012-03-30
Category Lighting

In March, an AEA staff member from our Yellowknife office travelled to many Northwest Territories communities to promote the use of the new Energy Star® LED light bulbs.

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Energy Efficient Appliances in Northern Communities

Posted 2012-02-27
Category EEIP

In February, AEA staff member Steve Outlet was in Winnipeg for the yearly North West Company (Northern Stores) trade show that allows store managers to discuss products with the various suppliers that fill their store shelves.

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Why Your Water Lines Freeze in the Winter

Posted 2011-09-01
Category Community Visits

Why Your Water Lines Freeze in the Winter and What You Can Do to Avoid This?  This article is directed to those of us who live in trailers in the North. Trailer living provides us with unique challenges. One of them is trying to convince water to retain its liquid state in freezing temperatures.

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Saving Electricity with Clothes Lines

Posted 2011-08-01

Convenience and electricity consumption are closely related: the higher the expected convenience at home, the higher the electricity consumption.

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Summer Renovations

Posted 2011-06-08
Category Household

Is the cost of heating your home frustrating you? Well, it’s only going to get worse unless you act to preserve your hard earned heating dollar. So, if you want to save money on your heating bills you should consider a self-financing home renovation.

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