Inuvik’s Science Rendezvous

Posted 2015-05-26

This spring, Arctic Energy Alliance participated in Inuvik’s Science Rendezvous.

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Solar and Wind Roundtable March 2013

Posted 2013-03-12

The Arctic Energy Alliance hosted another solar and wind roundtable in March 2013 in order to get more quality systems installed in the NWT.

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Solar and wind roundtable for vendors and installers

Posted 2012-03-01

This past week we held our 2nd roundtable with NWT installers and vendors to try and get more solar and wind power installed in the NWT.

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Wind Turbines at the Diavik Diamond Mine

Posted 2011-12-03

Who better to mine the air’s energy than a mining company?   Diavik Diamond Mine, owned by Rio Tinto is in the process of installing wind turbines.

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Net Billing Pilot Program

Posted 2011-06-06

The Public Utilities Board has approved a Net Billing Pilot Program that will enable customers with wind generators, mini-hydro, solar or other renewable facilities to sell their surplus energy back to Northland Utilities and the Northwest Territories Power Corporation. “The purpose of the program is to test the interest of Northerners in selling surplus energy back to local utilities.”


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