Information on the community of Aklavik


Community Energy Profile Profile of energy use in the community

Community Energy Plan

Community Energy Efficiency and Renewable Projects Summary:

  • Information provided is based on data available to AEA and may not be exhaustive
  • Home evaluations are counted per evaluation and include both Plan evaluations (pre-construction) and On-site evaluations (post-construction)

Fuel Inputs

Every community in the NWT consumes different fuels to generate heat, electricity and transportation. This chart compares what these fuels cost in the community, what energy they produce and what green house gasses they produce




Green House Gas

Energy Users

This chart looks at what uses the energy in your community, and what sort of fuel they use to get that energy


Green House Gas Emissions Per Person

This chart looks at what green house gases are emitted per person in the community (shown in tons of CO2 per year)


Latest Aklavik News


271 Energy and dollar-wise Northerners collected a total of $60,090.91 in Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP) rebates in October. This brings the total of rebates this fiscal year (April – October) to $193,160.23 for 618 rebates.

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Inuvik Visit April 2013

Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) staff members Leanne Robinson, Steve Outlet and Nick Walker joined Regional Energy Project Coordinator, Donald Andre, in Inuvik early April.

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