Energy Evaluations

Energy evaluations help people learn more about their options for saving energy. They are also often required to access funding from AEA.

New House Plan Evaluation

In order to receive a building permit from the City of Yellowknife it is necessary to have a plan evaluation completed to verify your home will meet their energy efficiency standards. The plan evaluation will be conducted based on the complete package of information submitted. Please fax or email the application form and an electronic set of plans to Arctic Energy Alliance.  The application form can be downloaded here:

EGNH Application Waiver Form 


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A home energy evaluation provides an assessment of an existing home’s energy efficiency through heat loss calculations, appliance assessment and a blower door test. This evaluation is undertaken according to the standards of Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide Rating System . The evaluation includes a report which outlines potential energy efficiency upgrades and their estimated savings, and funding potential. A home energy evaluation costs $150 (+ GST). Please contact AEA if you are looking for an assessment on new construction.

Businesses (Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Services)

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The operational heating and electrical requirements of Institutional, Commercial, and Industrial (ICI) Buildings can be significant. Energy audits can help identify energy major saving opportunities. There are four levels of energy audits of ICI Buildings, as per the Federal Building’s Initiative Audit Standards Guidelines.

The first step is a Yardstick energy Audit, which is a historical review of a facilities energy and water use. The Yardstick will also compare a buildings energy intensity (MJ/m2) with similar northern buildings and new buildings built to the standard of the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB). The Yardstick will determine if your building requires a more detailed audit and provide some general energy saving advice. Yardsticks are free, but the building owner/operator must submit the previous two years of fuel, electrical and water bills.

Application form for Yardstick Energy Audit