Efficiency rebates and services for businesses

Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) has energy experts and money available to help your businesses conserve energy and improve its energy efficiency. If you own a business and are interested in saving money by reducing the amount of heating fuel, electricity and water used, or want to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, this program is for you.


The AEA provides rebates of up to $50,000 for energy upgrades. The rebate amount you receive will be the lower of:

  • 50% of the total eligible costs of your project
  • A calculation based on the amount of money and greenhouses gases that your project will save (see the program guidelines for more information)

First Steps

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your potential energy-saving project and the rebates you can receive from the AEA. This conversation will help you determine whether to go through the process of having a yardstick energy audit done or the simpler process of submitting receipts. You will then complete your paperwork and submit it to us.

Investigating Savings

The AEA will analyze your utility bills to see where energy savings might be possible. (This is called a yardstick energy audit.) If there is energy to be saved, and you want to save some of it, we will ask you to confirm you have money available for the energy upgrades, that you won't apply for other GNWT programs to pay for the energy upgrades, and that you will let us document and showcase your energy savings work.

An AEA energy advisor will then meet with you at your building and audit your building's heating equipment and controls, ventilation equipment and controls, air leakage, equipment that uses water, and your building's lighting and lighting controls, and let you know how to get the most energy savings for the least amount of money. You then use the audit report to help you decide what work you want to do.

Cost Estimates

Once you've decided what kind of building upgrades you want, get an estimate of how much the upgrades will cost and work with your energy advisor to fill in a rebate pre-approval form. We will let you know what rebate you can expect once the work is done. You will not get a rebate if you do not have a pre-approval form signed by the AEA.  We want to guarantee your rebate, so please do not start any work until you know your work is eligible for a rebate and that the AEA has rebate money available. If you do not start work on your energy upgrades within three months of pre-approval, we will notify you that we are withdrawing our rebate pre-approval.

Receive Rebates

Once you send AEA all your receipts and additional paperwork, AEA can calculate your rebate.   One year after you've completed your energy upgrades, AEA will provide, free of charge, a follow-up yardstick energy audit so that you realize your energy and financial savings.

If you already know what energy upgrades you want to undertake, how much they will cost and your anticipated energy, water and money savings, get in touch with AEA to pre-approve the building energy upgrades, then send AEA a copy of all your receipts to process your rebate.