Studies and Reports

The Arctic Energy Alliance often completes original research and surveys on energy in the North. If you're looking for detailed analysis of the things that we work to promote, you're probably looking in the right place.

Studies and Reports

Fuel Cost Library - Fall 2018 A spreadsheet containing the cost of various fuels throughout the Northwest Territories  *UPDATED*

Electric Vehicle Study A Study of the Use of Electric Vehicles in the Northwest Territories

Report on Solar Air Heating System Monitoring A comprehensive description of setting up monitoring systems for a solar air heating system

Solar Air Heating Inventory Report An inventory of 6 solar air heating systems in the NWT 

Inuvik Wood Pellet Infrastructure Study A study of the use of wood pellets in Inuvik

Residential Wood Pellet Heating Information about heating homes with wood pellets

Wood Pellet - Community Study - A study of the transport and supply of wood pellets to the communities of the NWT

Wood Pellets District Heating - A study of wood pellet district heating feasibility in the communities of the NWT

2012 Wood Pellet Testing - A poster showing the various types of pellets sold in the NWT comparing their heating value, ash and moisture content