The Arctic Energy Alliance often completes original research and surveys on energy in the North. If you're looking for detailed analysis of the things that we work to promote, you're probably looking in the right place.

Our Videos

The Arctic Energy Alliance has created several videos and endorses videos created by other organizations. They are grouped by topic below.

Also, check out our Youtube Page for more videos and links to other channels with energy efficient information.

Home Energy Savings

Materials A review of materials used to reduce energy use in a home.

Weatherstripping How to install exterior weather stripping on your home.

Motion Sensor Light Instructions on how to install a motion sensor light to reduce electricity use.

Programmable Thermostat Instructions on how to install a programmable thermostat to reduce heating costs.

Furnace Filter Instructions on how to change the filter on your furnace.

Water Heaters Ways to save energy with your tank style water heater.

Air Leaks How to fix air leaks in walls and around windows.

Window Plastic How to install plastic over windows to reduce air leakage.

Insulate Outlets How to stop cold drafts through electric outlets.

CMHC also has a collection of videos on home energy savings that can be viewed on YouTube.

Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs)

What is an HRV?, a video about why we use HRVs.

How to Maintain an HRV, a video showing the maintenance steps for an HRV.

Drain Water Heat Recovery

What is a DWHR?, a video about Drain Water Heat Recovery Produced by CMHC

Wood Chip Heating Sytems

The community of Fort McPherson have installed a wood chip boiler to heat two buildings in their community, cutting their energy costs and reducing their use of fossil fuels.

Introductory Video

Detailed Video

Wood Pellet Heating Sytems

Biomass Appliances Maintenance Instructions on maintenance of wood pellet stoves, cord wood stoves, and wood pellet boilers.


The communities of Behchoko and Yellowknife have installed and are operating wood pellet district heating systems to heat several buildings with a single boiler and Fort Providence is looking at a wood chip district heating system to heat some of its buildings. These videos highlight the communities and their systems.

NWT Communities video, which examines the three communities in different stages of project development, through the eyes of Fort Providence, a community embarking on the planning process.

The Fort Providence video, which examines some of the motivation behind their project and the issues they’re facing.

The Behchoko video, which showcases a newly installed system owned and operated by the Tlicho Investment Corporation.

The Yellowknife video, which looks at a system that has been operational for several years.

The Arctic Energy Alliance installed a containerized 30 kW WoodMaster Flex Fuel Boiler for the Urbania Building in Yellowknife.

Arctic Energy Alliance's Pellet Boiler Video, information on the pellet boiler installed at Arctic Energy Alliance's Yellowknife Office.

Efficient Use of Wood Stoves

Wood You Like to Save Some Money?, a video showing northerners talking about their experiences with wood heating.

Advanced Wood Stove Technology, a video produced by Environment Canada about efficient wood stoves.

Energy Action Awards

2012 Energy Action Awards

Arctic Energy Alliance is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Energy Action Awards. We received 18 impressive nominations this year, the winners are listed below, click on the award title to view the video:

Individuals Winner Doug Whiteman of Norman Wells for reducing consumption of fuel oil by switching his home’s furnace to wood pellets. Doug is saving about 40% a year on his heating bill allowing for a total payback of the furnace of about 3.5 years. Doug also installed a wood pellet boiler in his workshop and in his commercial chicken operation.

Institutions Winner Yellowknife YWCA embarked on several energy savings initiatives at Rockhill Apartments that have saved 12,000 litres of fuel oil a year and reduced the annual energy bill by 13 percent.

Communities Winner The Hamlet of Enterprise reduced water use and GHG emissions by consuming less water and therefore reducing the number of trucked water deliveries from Hay River. Community members and businesses came together to upgrade clothes washers, toilets and shower heads to reduce their water consumption.

Business Winner Yellowknife Direct Charge Co-op has been doing energy upgrades over several years that include installing new more efficient heat reclaims that allow the store to be partially heated in the winter with the reclaimed heat of the refrigeration systems and computer controlled cold air reclaims on several freezers thus reducing the amount of electricity required to run the refrigeration compressors. More recently they replaced refrigeration cases with ones that require 83% less electricity to operate than the original cases.

2011 Energy Action Awards

Arctic Energy Alliance is pleased to announce the winners of the 2011 Energy Action Awards. The winners are listed below, click on the award title to view the video:

Individuals Winner Ethel Blake, the Economic Development Officer for the Chartered Community of Tsiigehtchic, for promoting the use of efficient wood stoves in her community.

Institutions Winner St. John's Ambulance in Yellowknife won this award for upgrading their building to make it more energy efficient and saving them approximately $7,000 in annual heating costs.

Communities Winner The Yellowknife Fieldhouse won this award for building using LEED Silver Certification that will reduce their energy costs and the amount of Greenhouse Gases generated over the life of this building.

Youth Winner The Deh Gah School in Fort Providence won in this category for incorporating the winterization program into their curriculum.

2010 Energy Action Awards

Arctic Energy Alliance is pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 Energy Action Awards. The winners are listed below, click on the award title to view the video:

Individuals Winner Dwayne Wohlgemuth of Yellowknife won this award for building the firsth LEED Certified home North of 60.

Institutions Winner The Fort Simpson Northern Store won this award for completing energy efficiency upgrades to refrigeration, lighting, and heating systems that will reduce their energy consumption and Greenhouse Gas generation.

Communities Winner The Yellowknife Dene First Nation won this award for installing wood pellet heating in their new community complex.

Youth Winner The Jason Jacobson Youth Center in Tuktoyaktuk won this award for teaching the youth how to winterize homes.

2008 Energy Action Awards

Arctic Energy Alliance is pleased to announce the winners of the 2008 Energy Action Awards. Click on the award category to view the video:

Individuals Winner Kaad Mukhtaar, Yellowknife Hybrid taxi driver.

Commercial Winner NPR Commercial Properties in Yellowknife.

Communities Winner The City of Yellowknife.

Youth Winner Trades Access II Class at Aurora College in Inuvik.