Saving Energy

Learn more about the technologies and techniques that are working in the North to save energy.

Our Services

Arctic Energy Alliance has many services to help and assist you in saving energy, we have programs to advise people in accessing funding and support on our programs page.

Residential Services

The Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) offers clients with information, advice and answers to their questions on energy efficiency.

Click here to view the video "A Guide to Home Energy Savings" that was produced here in the Northwest Territories.

Home Energy Evaluations

Increase the energy efficiency of your home and reduce energy consumption with a Home Energy Evaluation.                        Sign-Up Now

Borrow a Kill-A-Watt Meter™

Have you ever wondered just how much power one of your appliances is using? The AEA has a number of kilowatt meters for the public to take home and monitor energy use within your home. You simply unplug the appliance, plug the meter into the outlet and then plug the appliance into the meter. An easy-to-read digital display tells you how many kilowatt-hours that appliance uses, and from that information you can determine how much money it's costing you. Kill-A-Watt meters are available at all the Arctic Energy Alliances offices and some Local Housing Offices.

Commercial Services

Advisory Services

Our advisory service provides general advice and answers questions. In some cases where in-depth analysis is required, a fee may be charged.

Energy Auditing – Institutional, Commercial, and Industrial Buildings

The operational heating and electrical requirements of Institutional, Commercial, and Industrial (ICI) Buildings can be significant.  Energy audits can help identify energy saving opportunities.  There are four levels of energy audits of ICI Buildings, as per the Federal Building’s Initiative Audit Standards Guidelines:

  • Yardstick audit – Identifies if buildings may or may not have energy saving potential.
  • Screening audit – Determines energy end-use breakdown and energy saving potential.
  • Walkthrough audit – Includes a site visit, verifies equipment systems and type, identifies energy saving opportunities, implementation costs and cost savings.
  • Engineering audit – Complete walkthrough audit, including extensive data collection and finalized engineering designs of proposed implementations.

The AEA provides yardstick audits for free.  The yardstick audit will analyze utility data and compare a building’s energy uses with statistical averages, as well as the National Energy Code for Buildings (MNECB), for buildings of the same function and climate region.  The yardstick audit will show you if your building is using more energy than other similar buildings, and will provide the basis for more detailed audits.

Case Study

The Government of Canada “Greenstone Building” in Yellowknife, is an example of sustainable building practice. The building is LEED Gold Certified, and used 65% less energy than an MNECB Reference building. Many features have been incorporated into the building’s design to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Tips and Technology

Learn how technology and techniques in the following areas can save you energy and money.

Appliances and Lighting

Heating and Cooling - Information about heating and cooling systems and tips to keep your home/building warm or cool

Windows and Doors

Insulation and Envelope


Renewable Energy Generation