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The owners of a home in Yellowknife are expected to save more than $4,800 a year on energy bills because of energy-efficient renovations. Before starting the renovations, the homeowners had the Arctic Energy Alliance complete an EnerGuide home evaluation, which measures the energy used by a house and identifies areas for improvement.

The pre-renovated home was expected to use about 428 GJ of energy a year under standard operating conditions. Following the evaluation, the homeowners:

  • replaced the oil furnaces with high-efficiency propane furnaces
  • replaced the oil-fired hot water tank with a tankless propane water heater
  • added insulation to a portion of the main wall
  • replaced all windows with triple-pane vinyl windows
  • replaced all doors with polyurethane-filled steel doors
  • sealed drafts to reduce the air leakage by 10 percent
  • installed a wood stove

The new furnaces, water heater, windows and doors were all ENERGY STAR® certified.

After the renovations were completed, the follow-up EnergGuide evaluation found that the house would expect to use roughly 304 GJ of energy a year—a savings of 29%.

Estimated Annual Savings

House ComponentRenovation DetailsAnnual Energy Savings (GJ)Annual Cost Savings
Air tightness10% improvement
(Air changes per hour decreased from 5.06 to 4.53)
DoorsPolyurethane-filled steel doors14$460
Heating system96% AFUE condensing propane furnaces
(from 83% EF oil furnaces)
Wall insulationR8 semi-rigid insulation added to wall section5.3$450
Water heater0.91 EF tankless propane water heater
(from 0.54 EF oil-fired tank)
WindowsTriple-pane vinyl windows36$1,300

The above data is based on EnerGuide standard house conditions and 2018 fuel prices in Yellowknife.

In addition, the wood stove installed in the home should help save $900 per year if used about half the time.

PDF Download of Case Study:

Energy Efficient Renovations