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System Overview:

Kaad Mukhtaar, under City Cab Ltd., is using a hybrid electric vehicle as a cab in Yellowknife. His Toyota Prius is a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) which combines a battery-powered electric motor with a conventional internal combustion engine to achieve greater fuel efficiency. According to Kaad, the Prius had no problems functioning as a taxicab in Yellowknife. He has not run into any problems with the vehicle getting around town in the summer or winter, starting it, using it outside of city limits and the vehicle has enough power for everyday road use.

Technical Data:

The mileage of taxi drivers in Yellowknife per year varies from 40,000 km/year – 80,000 km/year, depending on the driver. The Toyota Prius is proven to be more energy efficient than the other taxicabs currently in use in Yellowknife based on the EnerGuide rating from the Natural Resources Canada Office of Energy Efficiency. The suggested retail price of the Prius is higher, but the Prius pays for itself by consuming less fuel. shows the payback time for new purchases of the Prius compared to various other vehicles.

Performance Data:

Type of VehicleFuel used (l)Cost of Fuel usedCost of fuel savedGHG eliminated (kg CO2e)
Vehicle Cost. (MSRP)Years Payback
Toyota Prius2000$3,040.00N/AN/A$27,600N/A
Toyota Corolla3900 $5,928.00$2,888.004674 $14,5654.51
Toyota Camry4750 $7,220.00$4,180.006765 $25,6950.46
Chevrolet Impala5750 $8,740.00$5,700.009225 $25,6950.33
Chevrolet Malibu4800 $7,296.00$4,256.006888 $22,9951.08
Dodge Caravan6650 $10,108.00$7,068.0011439 $26,4950.16

All vehicles above are year 2008 and data is for 50,000 km at a fuel cost of $1.52 / litre.

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