Renewable Energy

The AEA provides funding for renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, wood pellet heating, biofuel/synthetic gas and ground source heat pumps. This funding is available to communities, commercial businesses, non-profit organizations and NWT residents. The AEA cannot longer offer rebates on grid-connected renewable electricity projects in communities that use hydroelectricity. See below for more … Read more

Building Improvements

Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) has energy experts and money available to help your business, non-profit, or community government conserve energy and improve its energy efficiency. If you are interested in saving money by reducing the amount of heating fuel, electricity and water used, or want to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, this program is for … Read more

Toyota Prius Hybrid Vehicle – City Cab in Yellowknife

System Overview: Kaad Mukhtaar, under City Cab Ltd., is using a hybrid electric vehicle as a cab in Yellowknife. His Toyota Prius is a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) which combines a battery-powered electric motor with a conventional internal combustion engine to achieve greater fuel efficiency. According to Kaad, the Prius had no problems functioning as … Read more

Home Energy Evaluations

Energy evaluations help people learn more about their options for saving energy. Some AEA rebate programs also require a home energy evaluation – please see individual program guidelines for more details. An energy-efficient home is comfortable, healthy, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. An EnerGuide home energy evaluation can help you understand how your home uses energy … Read more

Off-grid Solar Electric System – South Nahanni Outfitters

Background In 2015, South Nahanni Outfitters installed a 6.1 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system at its camp in the Root River drainage basin in the Mackenzie Mountains, northwest of Fort Simpson. The owner, Werner Aschbacher, had the system installed to reduce diesel consumption, save money, and reduce noise from running the generator.  The camp is … Read more

Electric Transportation

The Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) provides rebates to reduce the cost of purchasing and using electric vehicles (EVs) in the Northwest Territories (NWT). Switching to an electric vehicle can help consumers reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released to the atmosphere from vehicles that use fossil fuels. We are not currently accepting applications for … Read more

Energy-Efficient Products

The Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) provides rebates to northerners who purchase new, more energy efficient models of products that they use every day. Buying energy efficient products will help you save energy costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Due to changes in the requirements of the AEA’s funders, rebates are no longer available on LED … Read more