Energy Efficient Renovations – Private Home in Yellowknife

Background The owners of a home in Yellowknife are expected to save more than $4,800 a year on energy bills because of energy-efficient renovations. Before starting the renovations, the homeowners had the Arctic Energy Alliance complete an EnerGuide home evaluation, which measures the energy used by a house and identifies areas for improvement. The pre-renovated … Read more

Toyota Prius Hybrid Vehicle – City Cab in Yellowknife

System Overview: Kaad Mukhtaar, under City Cab Ltd., is using a hybrid electric vehicle as a cab in Yellowknife. His Toyota Prius is a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) which combines a battery-powered electric motor with a conventional internal combustion engine to achieve greater fuel efficiency. According to Kaad, the Prius had no problems functioning as … Read more

Energy Efficient Renovations – 1970’s Trailer in Yellowknife

System Overview: Northlands Trailer Park homeowners began an energy efficiency renovation on their trailer in July 2008. Before starting the renovations, the homeowners had the Arctic Energy Alliance undertake an ecoENERGY home evaluation. The pre-renovated trailer had an EnerGuide rating of 38. Following the evaluation, the homeowners: repaired leaks in the trailer belly bag rewrapped … Read more

Air Sealing a Home – Northlands Home in Yellowknife

System Overview: A Northlands homeowner set out to turn his home into an energy efficiency showpiece. He did this by adding additional insulation to his ceilings, walls and floors; replacing all the old slider, and aluminum windows; and upgrading the mechanical systems. One of the things he has paid the most attention to during the … Read more