Rebate Program Updates for 2020/21

The AEA has made some changes to our rebate programs for the 2020/21 fiscal year. Most of these changes make it easier for people to apply for rebates.

The highlights are below. For full details see the individual program guidelines and application forms.

Some of these changes may only apply for this year so take advantage while you can.

Energy-Efficient Products

New products:

  • ENERGY STAR certified dishwashers and upright freezers (50% rebate up to $200 in communities that use hydroelectricity and $400 in non-hydro communities).
  • Combination boilers and water heaters ($1,250).

Other changes:

  • Products are now eligible for rebates if they’re installed in cabins or seasonal residences.
  • You now have up to six months from the date of purchase to apply for a rebate (previously three months).
  • Programmable thermostats are now eligible for a rebate of 50% of the purchase cost up to $100 (previously 25% up to $75).
  • Individuals can get rebates on up to five pumps with electronically commutated motors a year. Businesses, non-profits and community governments can get rebates on up to 25 pumps. (Previously two for individuals and five for organizations.)
  • Rebates on ENERGY STAR certified on-demand water heaters are now $750 (previously $1,250).

Businesses and Non-Profits

There are now minimum efficiency requirements for the most common upgrade projects.

Community Governments

  • An on-site building energy audit is no longer required for a rebate. Instead, you will only have to submit utility bills and other data to us so that we can do a desktop energy audit (what we call a yardstick audit).
  • There are now minimum efficiency requirements for the most common upgrade projects.

Home Improvements

If your eligible renovations include more than an exterior wall insulation upgrade, you could qualify for an interim rebate—we’ll give you part of your rebate when your insulation is done and the rest when the entire project is complete.