A Guide for New Energy Efficient Buildings

Getting a new building constructed is a big job. How can you ensure you get something that not only serves your basic needs, but is energy efficient as well? We can help with that. We’ve put together a guide for community governments, businesses and other organizations that are planning to construct a new building and want to make it as energy efficient as they can.

The guide is meant to be a practical hands-on reference for people who are going to ask architects, engineers, builders, and building systems contractors to help them construct new residential and commercial buildings such as staff housing, office buildings, arenas, garages, etc. It can help you write your request for proposals document so that it spells out your requirements for energy efficiency in a clear way. It can also be used to select energy efficient systems when replacing old equipment in existing buildings.

This is an updated version of a guide that we produced several years ago. The new version looks at current building codes and best practices.

Download the Guide below:

Guide for Energy Efficient Buildings