Call for Expressions of Interest: Automated Vehicle Plug-in Controller Upgrades – April 2023

New, efficient automated vehicle plug-in controllers that replace older technology can reduce an organization’s energy use, electricity costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Pre-heating a vehicle engine in the winter can be expensive. A block heater, battery blanket and trickle charger can use from 450 watts to well over 1,000 watts of power. An automated vehicle plug-in controller can reduce that cost. It will cycle the power on and off as needed, depending on the outdoor temperature, so your vehicle gets only as much electricity as it needs to start smoothly. The people who will see the biggest savings are those who need to keep vehicles plugged in for several hours a day and those with high electricity rates.

If your community uses diesel or natural gas to make electricity, using less power will also reduce your community’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) has received limited-time funding from the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) and the Government of Canada to help install automated vehicle plug-in controllers in parking spaces in industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential buildings across the NWT. GNWT and Federal government departments are excluded.

We will handle the project coordination for you and can provide you with a rebate.

For more information and to apply, see the PDF document linked below.

Deadline for applications: Noon, May 15, 2023

EOI – Automated Vehicle Plug-in Controllers 2023