Habitat for Humanity’s New High-Efficiency Home Ready for Move-In

In mid-December, Habitat for Humanity handed over the keys to its newest Yellowknife home—just in time for the holidays. Morgan Ranseth, J.C. Ouelette-Landry and their children are now the proud owners of one of the city’s most energy-efficient houses.

The AEA is glad we could be a part of the project. We provided advice and conducted energy-efficiency tests to help PSAV Architects and Clark Builders design and build a house that scored 84 out of a possible 100 on Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide Rating System scale for homes. That’s an amazing score—one that few other houses in the NWT have reached. For comparison, scoring above an 85 in the North is extremely difficult without using renewable energy systems like solar panels or a wind turbine.

Putting up the new EnerGuide home evaluation label

A few of the features that make the house so energy-efficient include high insulation levels (in the attic, walls and floor—which is thermally separated from the ground below), excellent air sealing, ENERGY STAR® certified appliances, an efficient ventilation system, LED lighting, and a high-efficiency heating and hot water system.

All of these things will make the house more affordable to own and operate.

The AEA provided advice and recommendations during the planning stages, conducted an EnerGuide home evaluation to find and address any air leaks as the house was being built, and performed a final evaluation when the house was complete to determine its energy-efficiency score.

Congratulations, Morgan, J.C. and family. We know you’ll love your new home!