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Remote Facilities

Running a remote exploration or tourism camp is expensive; and it’s not getting any cheaper. Flying or barging in fuel is risky, time consuming and…
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Renewable Energy

The NWT has many remote communities that do not have access to the electrical grid. Several renewable technologies are proven to save money and reduce…
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Using energy efficient modes of transportation helps reduce our energy use Vehicles For more information on efficient driving visit Natural Resources Canada. This video shows how…
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Windows and Doors

Windows and doors can be a major source of heat loss in our homes and buildings. Review of Materials and Key Concepts: Windows and Doors…
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Heating and Cooling

Appliances to heat and cool the inside of our buildings use a substantial amount of energy. Heating and Cooling Tips Other Resources Downloads Links Solar…
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Appliances and Lighting

You can save substantial amounts on your electricity bill by changing the way you use your appliances and lighting in your house. Appliances Have you…
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