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On October 2012, Robert Firth’s family in Fort Liard purchased a new high efficiency washer and dryer. Since installing their new laundry equipment, they have noticed their water bill decrease by $50 per month and their water consumption reduced by 1/3. Given the high cost of water delivery and electricity in Ford Liard, and the rebate they received from the Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP) for purchasing an ENERGY STARTM washing machine, the new laundry equipment will quickly pay for itself.

The graph below shows the cost to run a washer based on the age of the washer. Electricity is also saved with the dryer when a new washer is purchased because more water is removed from the clothing in the spin cycle so the dryer does not need to run as long.

$0.24/kWh is the electricity rate for Fort Liard homes. If the homeowner goes above 600 kWh in the summer or 1000 kWh in the winter, the rate increases to $0.47/kWh.

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Energy Star Washer in Fort Liard